Attract (& Keep!) Your Dream Team, Part 4: Credentials to Careers

Degrees have value however what has a deep impact on whether a person will be successful in a role is the ability to demonstrate they are capable of performing and using the skills and behaviors to a defined level of proficiency.  In this last of 4 videos, I highlight the value badges and other microcredentials can bring to an employer by focusing on the discrete tasks used in a role into a modular framework and award badges that represent successful demonstration of the specific skills & competencies. The beauty of badges is that they can stand alone or link with other badges and credentials into a “stacked” model that meets more complex role requirements leading to role growth providing qualified people to fill your internal talent pipeline.

Using the tools and techniques I’ve outlined in this 4-part series can upskill and fill your internal talent pipeline and more importantly, it will engage your employees by highlighting future career options available in the organization impacting retention. If you would like to talk more about how this model can be used in your organization let’s Zoom or send me an email and keep the conversation going!  I’d enjoy talking with you about how we can partner to strategically develop your team. Use the contact button above or visit our web site!