Coffee leads to Capabilities

Did you know that until 1955, if you wanted a cup of coffee you had to drink it on your own time? Times have changed but then, as we see now, the focus is on someone’s performance. In this video I look how times have changed from the breakroom to the kitchen as we live and work in a remote and/or hybrid workspace and reflect on the lessons of the coffee break. Taking a break doesn’t mean performance, or work, suffers. As a federal court ruled, coffee “promotes more efficiency and results in greater output” for the business, the employer should pay workers for boosting their on-the-job performance.”

Coffee breaks were linked to enhancing people’s capabilities. We need to focus on the output produced more than the office being sat in. As a leader, you define the desired deliverable up front, describe what success looks like, how it will be measured, and when it needs to be completed. Then communicate early, often, and maybe over a cup of coffee regardless of location.

Maybe flexibility, like coffee breaks, promotes efficiency and results in greater output for the business too. Let’s talk more about supporting your people using learning as your strategic business tool. Send me an email or let’s Zoom and keep the conversation going!  I’ll bring some coffee…or use the contact button above or visit our web site!

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