We’re still meeting – everywhere!

Remember saying, “there’s not enough time in the day to do everything” when we were still in the office? When we could pop in and ask that “quick” question? Seems this is still happening only we now have the data that shows our remote interactions are shifting to mirror our old in-person interactions more closely. A recent study has found that “remote workers appear to becoming more (rather than less) engaged with respect to meetings with their colleagues.”

In this video I share how I see the role of the leader becoming one of facilitator and connector of the community. Leaders of this flexible workforce must be planful about building networks for teammates, be intentional about the purpose of live interactions, and constantly communicating across the distance. The technology isn’t a barrier anymore, we’ll make connections regardless of who is located where and create our community.

Let’s work together to build and expand those networks using learning as your strategic business tool and we can talk about how to bring the high touch into your leadership and team, send me an email or let’s Zoom and have an impromptu meeting and keep the conversation going!  I’ll bring some coffee….

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