Attract (& Keep!) Your Dream Team, Part 3: Credentials, College, & Career

We use credentials as a rubric for hiring new people and evaluating internal candidates. In this 3rd of 4 videos, I highlight the advantages of using a broader view of the term credential to include traditional degrees and include other learning solutions, such as badges and nanodegrees, that indicate a person can demonstrate the skills and behaviors that qualify them for a role.  First, we looked at the big picture, the 5 interconnected steps that impact your team, and then the second video identified the 5C’s used to create an environment of success and techniques to impact the retention process and now I’ll share how the organization can provide a foundation of credentialing for their employees that leads to an engaged and skilled workforce.

Next time we’ll examine how using badges and microcredentials creates a value to employer and employee along with the impact a learning ladder can provide to upskill and fill your internal talent pipeline. In the meantime, I’d enjoy talking with you about how we can partner to strategically develop your team so let’s Zoom or send me an email and keep the conversation going! Use the contact button above or visit our web site!

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