Career pathing & Competencies, Part 1: A Framework

If you are looking to attract and retain skilled talent, provide targeted ways to improve individual performance, and create a robust internal talent pipeline it may be time to consider creating a competency framework that can be applied to a career path model in your organization. In this 4-part series I will outline how the connection between professional development and business specific needs can create a successful performance ladder.  These learning tools deliver a strategic business solution providing people with clear expectations of the skills and business behaviors needed to grow professionally and how to acquire these including stretch assignments, training, and short-term projects to hone and practice with guidance.

In this video I will outline the reasons to develop and use these tools is that together they create a connection between professional development and the business criteria in a role that leads to performance success. Let’s talk more about how you can use learning as a strategic business and retention tool. We can Zoom or even use the phone to talk because together, we are stronger, and we don’t need being remote or at a distance to keep us from connecting and engaging – let’s learn and work together!  I’ll bring some coffee….  Use the contact button above or visit our web site!

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